Orlando Repiping Services

When your aging pipes start to require frequent repairs it can be time to replace them. Call us for whole-house repiping services in Orlando, FL.

Replacing your piping system might seem like a large job, but it can be done quickly and accurately when you hire the right company to perform the work. Call Solaris Electric & Plumbing for whole-house repiping services in Orlando, FL. A family-owned company since 2008, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and offer upfront pricing to avoid any surprises on your bill later!

Act quickly when a pipe breaks at your property. Contact us for burst pipe repairs!

Signs You Need Repiping Services

Are you trying to determine if your failing pipes can be repaired or if you need to replace the whole system? Some signs that can indicate you need whole-house repiping services can include:

  • Your system needs frequent repairs.
  • Your system is producing odd-colored and poor tasting water.
  • Your water pressure is decreasing.
  • Your system is getting older.
  • Your system is leaking.
  • Your system is showing visible signs of corrosion due to limescale.

Benefits of Copper Pipes

When repiping your home, a professional will confer with you to determine what type of pipes to install. One option is copper pipes. These are typically used for water supply lines and refrigerant lines in heating and cooling systems. Some of the benefits these pipes offer include:

  • They can be used for hot and cold freshwater lines.
  • They can be used for drain-waste-vent lines.
  • They are allowed by most plumbing codes in the country.
  • They resist corrosion and last a long time.
  • They hold up better than other types of pipes in cold weather.
  • They can be installed without the use of hazardous chemicals.
  • They’re lightweight and recyclable.

Have any suspected leaks at your property inspected quickly. Contact us to learn about our water leak detection services!

Advantages of PEX Pipes

Working with a professional, you can determine if PEX pipes are the right option for your house. This piping is a cross-linked polyethylene tube that’s manufactured using an extrusion method. These pipes can be a better fit for your home over copper and CPVC piping because:

  • They are more environmentally friendly than other plastic pipes.
  • They can be recycled.
  • They require fewer fittings and are less likely to leak.
  • They are extremely flexible and easy to install.
  • They are highly durable.
  • They are more cost-effective than other types.

For whole-house repiping services, call Solaris Electric & Plumbing at 407-604-1001 for appointments in Orlando, FL. We offer upfront pricing!

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