LED Lighting Services in Orlando

Get long-lasting and more energy-efficient lighting with LED lights. Call us for installation and retrofit services in Orlando.

Are you hesitant to change your incandescent bulbs for LED lights? It can be time to make the switch. LED lights are now more cost-effective and technology has improved, making them a more favorable choice. The energy-efficient benefits can outweigh the initial investment! For LED light installations in Orlando, FL, call Solaris Electric & Plumbing. In business since 2008, we provide upfront pricing before we start any job!

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Energy-Efficient Lighting Installation

When upgrading your lighting to LED lights, you can install the energy-efficient lights gradually, replacing one lighting fixture at a time, depending on what best fits your budget. When purchasing bulbs, don’t get turned away by the cost. While the upfront price of an LED light bulb might be more expensive, it will provide savings in the long run with its energy-efficient capabilities.

The standard “A” base (A19) 60-watt incandescent bulb, which costs about $0.30, must be replaced about once a year and costs about $8.50 a year to operate. In comparison, the 9-watt “A” base equivalent LED bulb sells for around $9 and costs around $1 to operate annually. That means in most cases, the investment pays off in just over one year.

Why You Need a Professional To Install LED Trim Kits

Do you think installing an LED trim kit is a project you can tackle yourself? While you might be able to find YouTube videos and DIY blogs on the installation process, this is a project you should leave for the professionals.

You need an electrician to install your lights to ensure the kit is installed correctly and to troubleshoot any other potential problems. While the professional is installing the kit, he or she can inspect the wiring in the light to determine if there are any repairs that need to be made.

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What to Consider When Buying LED Strip Lights

When purchasing LED strip lights, there are many options you can select from. That makes it important to consider the following questions before making a selection:

  • Do you need 12V or 24V? To determine this, you should match the voltage of the LED strip to the voltage of the battery or transformer you’re using as your power source. An electrician can help you figure this out.
  • Do you want weatherproof lights? You should purchase a weatherproof strip if the lights will be exposed to moisture, rain, or other wet weather.
  • How to read the color code: When purchasing lights you can determine what colors you want the bulbs to display. The RGB means only colors, RGBW means colors and white light, and RGB+ CCT means colors and white, plus the ability to change from cool to warm white temperature.
  • Do you need controller? If you want to change the lights and their colors, you will need a controller.

Save money on your lighting with LED lights. Call Solaris Electric & Plumbing at 407-604-1001 for installations in Orlando, FL. We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

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