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Let the professionals handle your faucet repairs and garbage disposal installations. Call us for services in Orlando!

You rely on your kitchen plumbing to work properly for cooking, doing the dishes, and more. So when you need a new faucet or sink installed – or garbage disposal repaired – leave the work to the professionals. Call Solaris Electric & Plumbing for kitchen plumbing services in Orlando, FL. A family-owned company since 2008, we guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Leaks coming from your water line can lead to major damage in your home. Contact us to learn about our water leak detection services.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

As a smaller kitchen appliance, when your garbage disposal malfunctions it can be difficult to determine when to repair it and when to replace it with a new unit. A plumber can help you decide which option is best for your situation. You can also watch for these signs than can indicate if the system should be repaired or replaced:

  • Issues with a clog or minor wiring problems should be able to be repaired by a professional.
  • Damage to the motor, or another large problem, can require you to replace the unit.
  • If you have an older unit, it can be difficult to find parts — such as bearings or blades — for the system. In this case, it can make more sense to replace the unit.
  • Repairs for frequent issues can add up. In these situations, it can be more cost-effective to replace it.
  • Shaking or vibrating can indicate you need a new system installed.

Common Garbage Disposal Issues

When your garbage disposal malfunctions, it’s important to schedule professional repairs as soon as possible. Some common issues you might need a plumber to fix can include:

  • Jams: These can happen when inappropriate items enter the disposal, such as high-fiber vegetables, or silverware that accidentally falls down the drain. A plumber can fix the problem by loosening the disposal and manually moving the plate to free the objects.
  • Clogs: Major clogs can be repaired by plumbers by taking apart the disposal to remove the blockage.
  • Loss of power: A faulty or disrupted connection can cause your disposal to lose power.
  • Noise: Unusual or loud noises can indicate there are metallic or hard plastic objects in the disposal.
  • Leaking disposal: A loose screw or gasket can cause the garbage disposal to leak. This can be resolved when a plumber tightens the needed parts.

Is hard water causing your kitchen faucet to malfunction? Learn about our water softener services.

When You Should Replace Your Faucet

You rely on your kitchen faucet to function properly to allow you to cook, wash dishes, and perform other daily tasks. To avoid a malfunctioning unit, you should replace your faucet under the following circumstances:

  • Leaks: If your unit is leaking, a plumber can help you determine if it can be repaired or if a new unit needs to be installed.
  • Severe limescale buildup: A buildup can decrease your water pressure and cause other parts of your system to rust.
  • Expensive parts: If you need several parts replaced on your unit – especially if they are expensive parts – it can be more cost-effective to install a new faucet.

For kitchen faucet installations and garbage disposal repairs, call Solaris Electric & Plumbing at 407-604-1001 for appointments in Orlando, FL. We offer upfront pricing!

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