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Keep your home safe from electrical fire - call us to fireproof your home’s electrical today!

There’s nothing more irritating than a power outage in your Orlando home, and when you’ve gone back to the electrical panel several times to try to switch a breaker back on but can’t find which is right, it’s easy to become extremely frustrated.

At Solaris Electric & Plumbing, we know this problem all too well, and fortunately, we can offer you a solution. Our circuit tracing services will determine which breakers affect which outlets, so you can quit playing the guessing game and start finding solutions. Once we’ve traced your circuits, we’ll also label your electrical panel, so you’ll never need to guess which is which again.

If you need a fuse or breaker repair, count on our experts in Orlando. Schedule your service with us today!

The Benefits of Circuit Tracing

  • Within seconds, we’ll be able to identify which breakers are servicing which branch circuits.
  • We’ll eliminate equipment downtime by testing circuits with or without power.
  • Our circuit tracing services can be performed while equipment is still plugged into outlets, so you won’t need to have any of your appliances or devices turned off.
  • Tracing your circuits will help you keep your Orlando home and your electrical system as safe as possible.
  • It can also help you avoid shutdowns and outages.
  • Troubleshooting your electrical system will be much easier in the future, either for you or your electrician.
  • Circuit tracing helps to identify any problems that may be occurring with your electrical wiring.

Tracing Wires

Many people attempt to follow wires by visually following their direction to see they end up. This isn’t just time-consuming, but it’s also inefficient and likely to lead to false results. Our circuit tracers can help you forego this approach and find exactly where any wires lead within seconds, whether they’re in walls, ceilings, or even underground.

How You Can Use Circuit Tracing In your Home

There is a multitude of benefits to using circuit tracing in your home. Not only does it determine which breaker supplies which device, but it also acts as an added safety feature to keep your home’s electricity running smoothly. Here’s what it can do for your system:

  • Eliminate wire tracing that requires you to visually follow the right wire to the source.
  • Determine easily where you have an insulation leak.
  • Helps locate shorts to the ground easily by walking the raceway down using the detector until the signal disappears and you’re able to find the ground fault.
  • Locate dead circuits with ease by showing the actual wiring and the location of a dead circuit.

Install an AFCI to reduce the risk of electrical fire in your home.

Our Professional Electricians

At Solaris Electric & Plumbing, all of our electricians are licensed, professionally trained, and extensively experienced. So at every job, we can guarantee excellent workmanship, complete safety, and quality customer service. Our goal is your satisfaction, and we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that and to make sure that your electrical system is as functional and as safe as possible.

Circuit tracing requires the use of specialized tools and professional procedures. So when you need to have this service performed, don’t attempt to do it on your own. The dangers don’t end with the completion of the job—in fact, the National Fire Protection Agency lists faulty wiring as the number one cause of house fires in the United States—so it’s very important, as it is with any job involving your electrical wiring, that you only allow a licensed professional to complete the work.

Solaris Electric & Plumbing is your master electrician in the Orlando, FL area for all of your toughest jobs. We make it hassle-free so that you can get your service completed on time and accurately. Call today at 407-604-1001 to schedule your service.

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