Light Switches and Dimmers in Orlando

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When you think about making changes to your house and adding upgrades, how often do you think about your light switches and dimmers? Probably, not often, right? However, upgrading your light switches and adding dimmers to your home can have a big impact on the overall look of your house, as well as help you decrease your energy costs. For dimmer light switch installations in Orlando, FL, call Solaris Electric & Plumbing. A family-owned company, we offer upfront pricing to avoid any surprises later!

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What Are Dimmer Switches?

Dimmer switches function just like they sound – they can dim the lighting in a room. You can use the unit to adjust the brightness of various areas of your house or building, depending on your needs and preferences. They work by changing the voltage waveform in light. Changing this allows you to adjust the light’s intensity. Installing these lights can provide cozy movie nights for your family, intimate dinners, and relaxing baths.

Areas to Install Dimmer Switches

While you might associate dimmer switches with your dining room or family room, these switches can be installed in various locations of your home. Some areas where you might want to install them can include:

  • Bathroom: These units can let you dim the lights first thing in the morning as you’re adjusting to the sun’s brightness. They can also help you relax at night while taking a hot bath.
  • Bedroom: Installing these devices in your bedroom can help you lower the lights to make you sleepy and get you ready for bedtime.
  • Kitchen: These units give you the versatility to make lights bright when you need them for cooking and softer late at night when you only need dim light in the area for midnight snacks.
  • Hallways: Dim the lights to act as a night-light overnight to increase safety in your home.
  • Living room: Lower the lights when watching TV or a movie to create a more relaxing environment.
  • Porch: These devices can provide enhanced security to help keep intruders away by dimming the lights at night on your porch.

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What to Know When Buying Dimmer Switches

Before you purchase dimmer switches for your home or building, it’s important to gather the right information to ensure you buy the right device for your property. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Make sure the dimmer switch matches the fixture’s technology so it works properly. Work with an electrician to determine if you need line voltage, low voltage magnetic, low voltage electronic, 0-10V LED, or fluorescent power supplies.
  • Have an electrician help you figure out how much of a load you will be putting on the dimmer.
  • Determine where you are installing the dimmer and how many devices will be located near it.
  • Know if the fixtures can be controlled by one or more locations (single pole dimmer or 3-way, for example).

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